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  • Generic Architecture Project  v.0.1.0A universal site architecture with many modules. It will include a login, security, recommended directory/file structure, template, database class generator, and more. Allow site administrators to easily setup a modular and consistent site ...
  • Growler distributed object architecture  v.0.3.10growler is a C++-based distributed object and event architecture.Its primary application has been in support of interactive, distributed visualization, "concurrent visualization", and computational ...
  • Simple Neural ARchitecture LIbrary  v.1.0SNARLI (Simple Neural ARchitecture LIbrary) is a Java package containing a back-prop layer class and classes for the Self-Organizing Map and Incremental Growing Grid. The back-prop class supports sigma-pi connections and ...
  • The CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit  v.2.1.16A software toolkit that implements the CoSy Architecture Schema for developing integrated intelligent robotic systems. The toolkit focuses on supporting on a space of information-processing architectures based on shared working ...
  • Virtual Smart Card Architecture  v.2012.04.11The Virtual Smart Card Architecture provides software to emulate smart cards and a smart card reader. The virtual smart card is internally accessible as PC/SC reader and externally as USB CCID reader or through a contactless smart card ...
  • Architecture Visualizator  v.1.0The "Architecture Visualizator" parses source code and analyze the object oriented structure as well as the control flow and logic aspects. After that it visualize the results for example as graphviz file.
  • Software Architecture Validation Enhance  v.1.0S.A.V.E - Software Architecture Validation Enhancements is a free open source tool for Visual Studio that lets the software architect validate automatically source code dependencies to a set of rules defined. Done for a Software Engineering Thesis ...
  • Architecture  v.1.0In this project, you will need to implement simulators for a slightly simplified DLX pipeline architecture.
  • Interactive Architecture  v.1.0Educational interactive architecture simulator, providing those with little or no previous experience with computer architectures, an interactive environment in which they can experiment with the different components that make up a computer architecture.
  • Open Strategy Game Architecture  v.1.0Open Strategy Game Architecture is a framework for game creation.
  • Game developed on MVC Architecture  v.1.0This is a game project developed using MVC architecture and Object oriented principles. The coding is done in Java. And the GUI is developed using Swings. The project has used MVC architecture extensively in order to attain maximum level of flexibility.
  • Catylist Architecture 3d  v.1.0I'm working on a larger project to aid in the efforts of architecture for humanity (AFH) What I need is a basic, easy to use 3D drawing program that can draw, convert, resize and overlay the 3d model on a ...
  • The Genetic Architecture Framework  v.1.0The Genetic Architecture Framework is intended to explore and experiment with artificial life techniques using a genetic base for the physical and neural networks for the brain, in a game based simulated world.
  • The SharC Architecture  v.1.0The SharC Architecture -- A generalised language independent framework for developing dialogue based control of complex systems.
  • KDM Architecture Discoverer  v.rcKADis is a software architecture reconstruction utility, which uitilizes the Knowledge Discovery Meta-Model of the OMG. It uses source nagivator NG for parsing the architecture and enables saving the architecture as an XML file.
  • Instruction Set Architecture Simulator  v.1.0ISAS is a configurable computer instruction set architecture simulator, written in Java, that can be used to quickly define, test and measure performance of computer instruction set architectures.
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